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Junkyard Truck is an open-world off road driving and mechanic simulator. Junkyard Truck was released on 7/27/2022 and is in early access.

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Getting Started

Junkyard Truck takes place around the year 2003 in the Pacific Northwest. The game begins with an email from Johnny Junks about a 1982 Diamondback truck which recently arrived at the Junkyard. The Diamondback is a legendary truck known for its durability. The player's objective is to buy this truck, get it running, and then use it to complete various objectives and jobs around the map. The player must earn money to take care of basic needs, such as hydration, hunger, fuel, expenses for production jobs such as creating Moonshine, and costs related to maintaining and upgrading the Diamondback.


Saving is only available at the computer terminal located in the player's home garage, at the payphone at the auto parts store, or at the payphone at the junkyard.

Recovery/Tow Service

Breaking down or getting a vehicle stuck beyond all hope can happen very easily. The player is equipped with a Phone which provides several recovery options for a small fee.


The player has a small inventory which can be accessed with (TAB). Items and cash can be added to the inventory by holding them and pressing (i) or (CenterMouse). Only small items can be added to the inventory.

Help, I Lost A Critical Part

Bug Reporting

If you found a bug or want to suggest an improvement, let us know at https://discord.gg/zbSqEqU4Jc Bug reports get prioritized and put into a fix queue.