Help, I Lost A Critical Part

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Junkyard Truck is still in early access. Sometimes unpredictable things can happen, such as losing a unique part like an engine block or a bucket.

Lost And Found

Check the Lost and Found area. Anything that gets pushed out of the world ends up here.

Debug Menu

The debug menu can help you recover critical parts you previously had possession of. The debug menu can be accessed by quickly pressing Left Shift + P at the same time. If you have interacted with a key item in the past, it will be listed in the debug menu as recoverable.

Key Items

22R Block

V8 Block

Bucket 1

Bucket 2



Buy Truck from Junkyard(requires player to have $400 and read intro email)

Dev Note

This menu is meant to be a temporary solution to maintaining fun gameplay and mitigating potential early access issues you might encounter. This debug menu will remain active until alternative solutions are created.