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Moonshine is a strong homemade alcohol created using water, sugar, cornmeal, and yeast.

Distilling Moonshine

Moonshine is stored in jar crates which can be bought at the building west of the gas station. Full crates can be sold to Jake as part of his final mission.

Moonshine can be manufactured using items from the gas station, a bucket, and a distillery.

Bucket Location #1: At the moonshine distillery.

Bucket Location #2: Inside the blue cargo container west of town.


Recipe given in the in-game moonshine journal: 6 packages of sugar 2 packages of cornmeal 1 packet of yeast water (Note: This is not an ideal recipe. Sugar will increase alcohol volume while compromising quality. Cornmeal will produce quality alcohol, but in lower volumes. A better recipe should use 6lbs of cornmeal and 2lbs of sugar.)

Water is obtained using the faucet at the garage or the faucet at the gas station.

Drop all solid ingredients into the bucket and place the bucket under a faucet.

Once the ingredients are combined in the bucket, place the lid on the bucket and it will eventually begin to make a bubbling noise. The fermentation will stop after about 24 in-game hours.


Pour the bucket's contents into the makeshift cooker(keg) by opening the keg's lid and positioning the bucket close enough until you see the ✔️ symbol. The cooker can hold four buckets. To maximize profit, it is recommended you cook moonshine in batches of four buckets.

It is recommended you connect a fully-charged car battery to the water pump. This will help with cooling and increase the final quality of your moonshine. You can recharge any battery at the charger in your garage.

Turn on the propane tank valve to start burner.

Moonshine will accumulate in the output vat. To bottle your moonshine, drop a crate of empty jars into the vat and pick up the newly-formed crate of bottled moonshine. Enough moonshine needs to be present in the vat to create the full crate.

Keep an eye on your battery throughout the whole distilling process.

Full crates can be sold to Jake, who resides in the far North-Eastern part of the residential area. Completing Jake's quests is necessary for him to begin buying moonshine from the player.


It is recommended you have a vehicle with moderate upgrades and mud tires, as the road leading to the distillery is muddy. From town, follow the road to the water tower, and instead of turning left up the hill to the water tower, continue straight. At the end of this road you will find the distillery near the river side.

Dumping Full Buckets

Contents of the bucket can be dumped into the blue barrel behind the garage. This can be useful if you get your ratios incorrect and would rather start over than go through the process of refining a dubious batch.