22R engine

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The Diamondback starts off with a 22R engine.


See Initial Repairs


The 22R can run with low, or no oil. If the oil is low, the moving parts will wear much faster.


A hot engine will generate less horsepower, as well as degrade the quality of its parts at a much faster rate.

Check Engine Light

See Engine Diagnosis


An exhaust header can be bought at the Auto Parts Store, and will give a nominal +10hp increase.


An EFI conversion can be bought from the Auto Parts Store. This consists of an EFI intake, throttle body, and cone filter. This will give a nominal horsepower and fuel economy boost.


After an EFI conversion, the cone filter should be removed and replaced with a Turbo Inlet Pipe. The exhaust header must be replaced with a turbo exhaust. A turbocharger needs to be bolted to the turbo exhaust, which connects to the turbocharger. The same cone filter can be placed directly onto the turbocharger.

The stock engine of the 82' Diamondback
The upgraded EFI engine of the 82' Diamondback
The upgraded turbo engine of the 82' Diamondback