Initial Repairs

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The Diamondback requires very few repairs in order to get it running for the first time.

Crucial Parts

1x Cam Gear

1x Spark Plug Wires

These parts can be obtained from the junkyard or from the auto parts store.

To attach the cam gear, start by removing the valve cover. The cam gear attaches to the camshaft.

The spark plug wires need to be attached to the engine's distributor cap.


Semi-Crucial Parts

The engine will run after the previous two fixes, but it won't run optimally, and it won't run for very long.

1x Fan Clutch

1x Fan

1x Fan Belt

1x Air Filter(Carburetor)

1x Oil

2x Coolant

The existing fan clutch is garbage and will need to be removed. This part is attached to the water pump pulley.

The fan attaches to the fan clutch.

The air filter attaches to the carburetor.

Oil is poured into the engine through the valve cover's oil cap/inlet.

Coolant is poured into the radiator through the radiator cap/inlet.