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The junkyard is a location in the North West corner of the map. The junkyard is operated by Johnny Junks who sells the player their first truck, and later will give the player cash for recyclable junk.

Recycling Area

Just outside of the junkyard is a concrete slab which serves as a delivery point for recyclable junk. Any item with the name "Junk" can be delivered here. After placing junk in the delivery area, the player must speak to Johnny Junks to get paid.


Junk items(mainly old appliances) spawn throughout the map in random areas near the player.

Salvageable Truck Parts

The salvageable parts within the junkyard will change each day. At the beginning of each day, random parts will spawn within the junkyard and some old parts will be removed. These parts have noticeable wear and tear, but they are sold at a discount to the player. Finding the parts you need can take time, given the messy layout and foliage within the junkyard.


"These trucks(Diamondback) use really common parts, so I'll always have a lot of shit here that's compatible. And if you can't find what you want, check back in a day or two."