New House

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A foreclosed house on the South East side of the residential area can be bought for $20,000. In order to buy this house the player needs to have an ATM balance of $20,000 and can buy the house by interacting with the For Sale sign in the driveway. Upon purchase, this house will have several articles of junk and garbage which can be hauled to the dump and/or junkyard.

The house comes with two garage door remotes which can be found inside the garage on one of the workbenches. The remotes can be mounted to the driver's side sun visor of the Diamondback or Eagle, or can be used on their own and kept in the inventory.

The garage has a hydraulic lift, a battery charger, and a faucet/hose on the outside. The primary bedroom has a bed which will restore sanity and will always wake the player at 6:30AM. A laptop computer for missions and saving can be found on a desk in the living room. Unlike the last home, the lights are turned on or off with the light switches.

A third bucket for moonshine can be found by the side of the garage. This bucket can be obtained before buying the house.

Dev note: The additional rooms of the house are unfurnished and will later be used for multiplayer games.